The New York Post claims that 2019 was a "Banner Year For Credible UFO Sightings," but for those of us here in Illinois--there just weren't that many.

Once thought to be fictional works used to sell tabloids, 2019 has been awash with news of UFOs, aliens and strange phenomena — including reports (complete with video) from verifiably sane sources.

In May, the Pentagon admitted it investigates UFOs soon after Navy pilots claimed to not only have seen but recorded UFOs during training exercises in 2004 and 2015.

In November, another report in Popular Mechanics confirmed that after the 2004 incident, two “unknown individuals” took the data tapes away and wiped the Navy hard drive.

If you’re wondering about UFO activity here in Illinois, a handy UFO HotSpot Infographic was created by that shows the states with the most alien activity:

Satellite Internet, Facebook

As you can see, our state of Illinois is in the "least sightings" category.

Here's what looked at to come up with their final results:

We used data from the National UFO Reporting Center’s online database to get the number of UFO sightings in each state. We then compared each state’s total number of sightings to US census data to find which states have the most UFO sightings per capita.

Here are the states at the top and bottom of the list:

SatelliteInternet, Facebook
SatelliteInternet, Facebook

As for Illinois, we come in at #39 overall. Here's where our Midwestern neighbors rank:

  • #18-Missouri
  • #23-Wisconsin
  • #26-Iowa
  • #31-Indiana
  • #33-Kentucky
  • #34-Michigan
  • #35-Minnesota