There are two types of people in the world, ones who drive on the highway like a normal person, and ones who take their sweet time in the left lane without a care in the world. AKA 'left lane lollygaggers'. I will admit, I am THAT person on the highway who will zoom around you and not look back. So left lane lollygaggers are my biggest pet peeve.

Sorry if you are someone who does this, but I'm here to warn you it could end up costing you. Illinois State Police are going to start enforcing the left lane law a lot more this year. In a Facebook post by the Illinois State Police -

I cannot agree more. Leave the left lane to those who have somewhere to be. WCIA details -

District 10 state troopers will be doing something they’ve never done before to stop drivers from breaking the law.

Trooper Tracy Lillard says, "One of the tactics were going to use this year is to use covert vehicles and that way we can do special details. The motoring public doesn't know which vehicles we’re in so we can radio in to the squad cars up ahead to pull over those particular vehicles.”

So let's just all act like we've driven on the highway before. Sound like a plan?

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