I love hot dogs. I'm not sure if I love them so much because I grew up near Chicago, or just because they're the best. All I know is they're one of my favorite foods.

I mean, come on, just look at these.

Anyways, hot dogs. MSN just released a list of the top hot dog joint in every state. So what's Illinois' best hot dog spot? Well, it's actually got a location right here in Rockford!

I wasn't showing all those pictures of Portillo's hot dogs for fun. Well, I kind of was. But Portillo's was actually crowned the top hot dog joint in our state.

MSN details -

Chicago is known for its all-beef hot dogs served in a poppy seed bun. And despite plenty of vendors selling them, Portillo’s is the place to go. It would be rude not to get the classic Portillo's Beef Hot Dog with mustard, relish, freshly chopped onions, sliced tomatoes and pickles in a poppy seed bun.

I'm going to expose myself here. I don't order my Portillo's hot dog Chicago style. Don't yell at me! I like what I like. I get a hot dog with ketchup and a pickle ... I said don't yell at me!

If you're not a Chicago style hot dog person, then maybe you want to try Wisconsin's top dog. You can find that at The Vanguard in Milwaukee. Their famous hot dog is a classic sausage served in a fresh roll, topped with cheese curds, Cheddar and Cheez Whiz.

No ketchup or mustard to debate over there.


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