Don't get me wrong, this statue is so cool, but I can't stop laughing at the pose.

"Draw me like one of your French girls"

That's one of the most iconic lines from the movie "Titanic". If you don't know the scene, it's when Rose lays down on the couch and tells Jack AKA Leonardo Dicaprio to draw her. The scene gets pretty steamy, so I'll let you go rewatch it on your own. The important thing is you have her pose in mind.

You know, something like this ...

Credit WTVO
Credit WTVO

Now, I know what you're thinking. That's not Rose from the Titanic. You're right, but isn't the pose almost the EXACT same as the scene from Titanic?

The massive statue is actually a new exhibit at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. It's the "World's largest bronze gorilla statue". His name is "King Nyani" inspired by the Swahili word for the gorilla. So how big is it exactly? Here are the impressive stats -

  • 23 Feet long
  • 8 &1/2 Feet high
  • Weighs over 4,700 pounds

The statue was created by two public artists who wanted to raise awareness of the critically endangered gorilla. The hope is that the statue will inspire people to help save the gorillas.

Brookfield Zoo in Chicago is currently home to 7 Western Lowland Gorillas.

You can see the gorilla in person by visiting Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

If you can't go in person but still want to support their efforts to raise awareness about gorillas, you can donate, adopt, and more on the zoo's website.

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