From drinking bleach, to washing our produce with it, we've done some pretty extreme things because of the pandemic. And a lot of it is out of fear and all of the unknown that's out there. But there are some things that are concrete facts about this pandemic and one of those things is that you should NEVER drink hand sanitizer.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people are falling ill and even dying from ingesting hand sanitizer. WTVO details -

The CDC said 15 adults in Arizona and New Mexico were hospitalized between May and June for methanol poisoning after consuming alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Four of them died, six developed seizures while in the hospital and three were discharged with new visual impairments.

Some people have been consuming it for its alcohol content as a substitute for an alcoholic drink, but please NEVER do that.

Hand sanitizer is for your hands and your HANDS ONLY.

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