In case you didn't know, Sears at the CherryValley Mall is now empty. Closed because they filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

A big announcement is coming from the CherryVale mall tomorrow afternoon and while I have no idea what is actually going in the former Sears location, I certainly don't mind taking a few stabs as to what I think it might be.

It's probably not another Sears. Because of reasons.

It might not be a new Old Navy location. Their new store is going in Machesney Park.

It might be Dave and Buster's because I think having one of them in the Rockford area would be good for families and surprise, surprise, they've been going in vacant...wait for it...Sears locations.

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It's probably not a WalMart. I've never seen a WalMart at the mall. However, there are WalMart locations in malls in different states across the country but none in Illinois. So probably "no" on that.

Maybe an Amazon Fulfillment Center? It would be baller to get same day delivery in Rockford. Then again, hoping an Amazon store goes in at the mall sounds like a bad idea. After all, Amazon is a big reason why Sears and many others like them have been forced to close up shop.

Amazon To Open New Fulfillment Center In Sacramento
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Forget the Amazon idea. How about a new movie theater? Wait, we tried that before and it closed. CherryVale Mall Cinema closed in 2000. So scratch that too.

I got it! I know the one store that we really need in Rockford that has never been here and residents would drive from all over to check out for themselves.

Rockford, meet Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's meet Rockford, or at least Cherry Valley.

Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
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That's it. It's completely unofficial but I believe Trader Joe's is going where the former Sears used to be at CherryVale Mall.

Either that or a Dave & Busters or an Amazon Fulfillment Center. One of those three is coming to Rockford, I can feel it.

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