Earlier this week I noticed something going inside the former Bed, Bath and Beyond store on Route 173 in Machesney Park.

After posting the story to the 97ZOK Facebook some of the comments pointed to Old Navy potentially opening inside the old Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Erin Horton said  "I was told by an Old Navy employee that they are opening a second location there" and she wasn't the only who mentioned the popular clothing store either.

There were plenty of comments regarding the popular clothing store opening up a new location in Machesney Park.

Following up on the rumor, I called Carlos, the manager at Rockford Old Navy location at 6143 East Street in Rockford.

Carlos confirmed Old Navy's new Machesney Park location, and it would open "tentatively in 2019" but did hesitate to say it was for sure going where Bed, Bath and Beyond used to be.

Confused? So am I. Apparently Old Navy is getting a Machesney Park spot but NOT moving into the old Bed Bath and Beyond.

Here's something even crazier: Dayle Radke said on Facebook "It's going to be a place called 5 Below. I delivered the steel studs there...they cut it in half with a long wall down the middle don't know why."

Either way, something discount-y is going in the old Bed, Bath and Beyond and I'm surprisingly interested in how it all plays out.

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