Well, you don't see this every day.

Popular animal sanctuary, Noah's Ark, located at 111 North First Street in Rockford, is now the home of a brand new addition.

At least for the time being.

According to Noah's Ark on Facebook, it seems they have found themselves a ferret.

I was found outside of the apartments on Lund Ave. I’m chunky and sweet so it’s apparent someone has loved me a lot.
A staff member is taking me home for the night, so that way I’m not alone (plus they already have ferrets and good snacks).
I’ll be back to the shelter in the morning in hopes my family comes looking for me.

For the most part, Noah's Ark seems to have cats and dogs so adding a ferret to the mix is interesting.

To me it doesn't seem like a long-term deal though, this is definitely someone's ferret.

As far as I know, and Noah's Ark seems to agree, ferrets don't get that big without a steady diet of food, and if this thing was a stray it would be much thinner.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So that's the reason for the article. This guy is definitely part of a family and somehow someway got loose.

That also means someone is missing their buddy, and since Noah's Ark put out an APB on Facebook looking for leads, that's what we're doing too.

If this lovable ferret looks like it might be part of your or someone else's family, please send Noah's Ark an email at Noah@noahsarkanimals.org or give them a call at 815.962.2767.

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