After adopting a dog of my own I know the love and magic that comes from adopting. Not only do you find your new best friend, you give these dogs a new chance at life. Right now there are two dogs at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary who really need someone to give them their forever.

Phoenix and Axel have both been at Noah's Ark not once, not twice, but three times. I can't even imagine how sad this must make those poor dogs. Just look how incredibly handsome and amazing they are -

Just look at those sweet faces. No dog deserves to end up back in a shelter three times. We've had the pleasure of meeting Axel (who was named Thanos by a new owner) and oh my gosh is he the sweetest! Not to mention he's got some impressive hops -

We have yet to meet Phoenix but from what I've seen of her in the kennel she looks full of love and ready for her new family.

So like we've mentioned, these two dogs have had a really rough start through ending up back at the ark three times. So please, if you think they're you're forever, contact Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. 

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