Check out this midwest grandma who has some serious snow blowing skills.

After I bought my house, I shoveled my driveway once. It was just way too much work. Later that day, I went out and bought a snow blower.

A couple of years ago, I got myself a big machine. I can clear the snow in half the time but its sort of a beast. It's kind of difficult to operate because it's so heavy.

You have to be pretty strong to use it. That's why I'm so impressed with this story.

According to,

"An 82-year-old Michigan grandma is enjoying her viral fame after photos were posted online showing her happily using a snowblower after a major snowstorm."

Check out the video...

Video: 82-year-old grandma using a snow blower is fierce

This grandma is a badass.

The woman says she's tough and doesn't need any help.

It reminds her of her summer hobby, riding Harleys.


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