What's the award this time? A Peadbody award! Oscar nominated director Bing Liu has received yet another nomination for his documentary 'Minding The Gap'. Before picking up that official Oscar's title, Liu is originally from Rockford and a graduated from Guilford High School.

If you haven't seen the film yet it's available on Hulu. The documentary that was filmed in Rockford and tells the story of three local skateboarders as they face poverty, domestic violence and other issues.

WREX details -

Adding to its long list of nominations, Minding the Gap is nominated for a Peabody Award.  Minding the Gap is one of 18 documentaries nominated for the award. 60 total nominees were announced Tuesday in a variety of categories, 30 of them will be announced as winners in the next several weeks.

The winning film from the category will be announced April 16. Good luck to Bing Liu and everyone involved in 'Minding The Gap'!

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