While it seems it might not be in the cards for an overseas trip from America to Europe, apparently, a quick trip north of Rockford might give you the same feeling.

Conde Nast Traveler put together a list of 6 different US cities you can visit in 2020, that will give you that little bit of Europe you might be missing this year.

They mention trips to St. Augustine, Florida instead of going to Madrid, Spain, and Solvang, California in place of heading out to Aarhus, Denmark.

The last "go here in America instead of here overseas" city on the list was New Glarus, Wisconsin.

Wait, what?

Instead of flying out to Bern, Switzerland you should head to New Glarus, Wisconsin.

Admittedly, I've never been to New Glarus. However, I know plenty of people who've made day trips and of course, I drink the beer. A bottle of Spotted Cow is worth the drive alone.

Here (New Glarus), the shops look like chalets, with sloping roofs and wide eaves; red and white Swiss flags flutter in the breeze; and street names are written in both German and English.

Heads up, New Glarus Brewery is closed to the public this summer.

We receive many thousands of visitors daily in the summer. It is currently impossible for us to welcome visitors while maintaining the appropriate social distancing necessary to ensure that you and our team remain safe.

That shouldn't deter you from going. New Glarus is a little over an hour from Rockford and it sounds like the European vacation we all should consider taking in 2020.

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