Ladies, I'm so excited for you. I'd be excited for myself but it's National Men Make Dinner Day in my house everyday, and I'm not bragging - I'm simply not the best cook and the men in my lives prefer to eat food that didn't come out of a box...unless it's pizza night.

Here's what guys need to know:

National Men Make Dinner Day happens on the first Thursday of every November.  This is a great opportunity for guys who don't really know how to cook to give their best effort in the kitchen. Dinner must include a minimum of four ingredients and you have to use at least one cooking utensil that's not a fork.  But that's not all, there are 12 rules in total that you must follow in order for your dinner to be a success; my favorite is rule #10: "Man sets table, candles are lit, beverages are poured, no ketchup bottles, sour cream containers, or big boxes of salt on table."

Need some inspiration or a simple recipe idea? Try this:

And ladies, let's try to be encouraging. Worst case scenario, the food is awful but you get a pretty good laugh out of it and it may even improve your relationship.



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