Usually we are all for celebrating 'national' holidays in Rockford, but this time, please don't.

Every day seems to be some sort of holiday, like chocolate cake day, or paint your bathroom day... and I say, celebrate! But tomorrow is 'Working Naked Day,' so please don't.

Here are the five reasons you should not celebrate 'Working Naked Day' in Rockford.

  1. Tomorrow's forecast includes a high of just 27. That's too cold to be naked.
  2. It's also supposed to be windy... so that doesn't mesh well with naked.
  3. Tomorrow is also 'Wear Red for Women Day...' you can't wear red and be naked at the same time, thus don't be naked.
  4. If you're working all day naked, that means you'll have to spend a lot of time cleaning your desk before and after the naked-ness. What a waste of time.
  5. No one at work wants to see you naked. Even that creepy guy you think wouldn't mind it... just don't do it.

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