Happy National Goof Off Day! And no, I'm not being a goof, this is an actual holiday that was created by Monica "Moeller" DuFour and her grandfather after he was on a radio program asking for people to call in with ideas for special days. Monica thought there should be a "Goof-Off Day" and he agreed.

Ferris Bueller did too; who in my eyes, is the true inspiration behind this wacky; offbeat holiday. But let's stop questioning how this day came about and lets get down to celebrating.

By definition, "National Goof Off Day" is a day to relax, have fun and put off work until tomorrow. Or what some people like to call, Tuesday. Ha.

In all seriousness though, take this day to enjoy yourself; whether you do it at home and binge watch House of Cards on Netflix or get out and enjoy sunshine and 62 degree weather.

If you choose the latter, here are some great places in Rockford to goof off and have some fun, with or without the kids.

What will you do to goof off today?


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