There is a national day for everything now.  So for "National Face Your Fears Day", I wanted to share some of Rockford's irrational fears that they shared with us.

I'm going to keep everyone anonymous, but let me just say, these people deserve all the fame in the world for making me laugh this hard at a Facebook post.  So I present to you some of Rockford's most irrational fears, I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

  • "A hairdryer shooting out flames and my hair catching fire..... 😂"
  • "Gnomes - they’re very unsettling and always appear to be planning something nefarious "
  • "Yarn, no ugly Christmas sweaters. none of those crochet blankets its fear of getting it in my children know this and would chase me with it and torment me"
  • "Someone pushing or touching my collarbone and it snapping."
  • "Sharks coming out of the drains in pools."
  • "Clothing tags on other peoples clothes. Ever since I was a little girl, every time I saw someone's tag sticking out of their shirt, it would make me nauseous. And I cut most of the tags out of my clothes. But my own tags don't bother me, UNTIL I cut them off of my clothes. Then I immediately put them on the trash and cover them up with something!"
  • "Vacuum cleaners. I am okay if I'm the one pushing it, but I can't leave my feet down without an anxiety attack if someone else is doing it."
  • "The Cinderella castle at Disney world... I can’t talk about it for a long time without freaking out. I can’t look at it without hyperventilating, it’s a strange thing."
  • "Gene Simmons"

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