You've probably heard of Comicon before.  Or even the event for YouTube known as 'Vidcon'.  But have you heard of CoffeeCon?  Well, it exists and it's coming to Chicago this weekend.

CoffeeCon is the world's first 100% consumer tasting and learning coffee event.  Samples your regions best coffee side-by-side on our giant tasting floor.  See and sample all kinds of brewing gear.  Take non-stop classes about all things coffee to hone your tasting and brewing skills.

They say Disney is 'the happiest place on Earth'... but I might have found a close second. Coffee is basically water to me, so this sounds like my type of event!

The event will include ...

  • Fort different food and beverage exhibitors with samples
  • 20 craft coffee roasters
  • Unique floor experiences
  • Chocolate and whiskey pairing
  • Beer and donut pairing
  • Cold brew ice cream floats
  • 20+ classes in different coffee topics
  • And so mocha more... I mean much more.

All tickets include access to free samples, free classes, and demos. For more information and tickets click here.


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