Making New Year's Resolutions are easy, keeping them is a different story altogether.

I make resolutions to start a new year every year. I keep exactly zero. I don't think I've ever decided on a New Year's Resolution and on December 31st felt like I actually accomplished that goal. I take solace in knowing that I'm not the only one either.

At this point, especially during a pandemic, making a New Year's resolution is kind of ridiculous.

Even health professionals are saying it's probably for the best to skip New Year's Resolutions for 2021. So while I did declare a few things I'd like to change or add to my life for 2021, I'm almost certain I won't see them through.

Maybe it's a Rockford thing. After all, the entire city wasn't ranked in the near 200 cities from WalletHub's best and worst cities for keeping New Year's resolutions.

Chicago ranked 66th in the US, but Madison, Wisconsin landed in the top 20. Actually, right at 20.

Matter of fact, Madison is the second-highest ranked city in the midwest only behind Overland Park, Kansas.

To come up with an overall score, WalletHub looked at the percentages of obese adults, adults not exercising, annual income, and credit score. They also investigated each city's unemployment rate, the percentage of public schools, smokers, restaurants per capita, parkland acres, and binge drinking. Despite the high marks for Madison, they had the highest prevalence of adult binge drinking in America.

So while Madison did score well, better than us, (I mean we didn't even get a ranking (what the heck, Wallethub?) they are still far from perfect.

Maybe Madison's New Year's Resolution should be to cut back on the binge drinking.

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