Congratulations to our brand new teacher of the week, Ms. Frieders from Flinn Middle School.

Ms. Frieders won dessert from Nothing Bundt Cakes and flowers from Broadway Florist. Ms. Frieders was nominated by her niece, Abagail, who also attends Flinn Middle School.

Abagail writes:

This teacher is also my Aunt. She goes well beyond the standards of being a teacher. She opens her classroom doors to anyone who needs help with class work, she  opens her doors before and after school to help students in need with homework and with life in general. Even though we have a before and after school tutoring program, students prefer to go to her room for help because she actually takes the time to help, all without the additional pay.

She helps us physically and mentally to survive middle school.

She goes to most if not all of our extracurricular activities (football, basketball, cheerleading, track and field and wrestling)

Even though she’s got health issues (she has Lupus) she’s there for us. If we have a bad day she’s there for us. She listens to us (her students) even if she doesn’t teach us. We all feel comfortable talking to her. She listens and doesn’t pass judgment. She teaches us the tools to succeed in school and in life.

She is an excellent teacher she cares and goes the extra mile to make sure we do our best. If Ms. Frieders isn’t teacher of the week material I don’t know any other teacher who could be. Just ask the 7th and most of the 8th grade students at Flinn Middle School they will tell you probably the same as I just did.'

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