Everyone has their favorite pizza topping. Whether you're a plain cheese type of person, or you like ALL the toppings, we want to know if you would eat this new flavor. Papa John's is adding a new type of pizza and it was voted for by Twitter. According to Delish -

Papa John's took to Twitter to decide on the new flavor, asking fans to tweet their support for either a Chicken and Waffle pizza or a Huevos Rancheros pizza. According to the brand, more than 52,000 votes were cast with more than 70 percent of the vote going toward the southern-inspired pie.

Chicken and waffles are a southern staple and if you've never had them I highly recommend you treat yourself to some for your next meal. Here's what the pizza will have on it -

The brand also said the savory-sweet pizza will have crispy chicken, waffle crumbles, bacon, cheese, and a spicy honey on top.

Check out the announcement of the new speciality flavor in a tweet from Papa John's -

... But I've never heard of chicken and waffles with cheese. This part has me questioning the flavor combinations. Guess we will have to try it for ourselves later this year.

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