5 Things You Need to Know Wednesday - Sterling, IL teacher charged with attempted murder, NO iPad for toddlers and Randy Quaid's VERY NSFW video rant.

TransAsia plane clips bridge in dash-cam video below and plunges into river, killing 23 in Taiwan. (USA Today)

A Sterling elementary school teacher is charged with attempted murder in what police are calling a domestic dispute. (My Stateline)

This study shows why you shouldn't hand your toddler an iPad or smartphone. (Washington Post)

Randy Quaid has resurfaced and is as insane as ever in this VERY NSFW video he posted yesterday. (AV Club)

***BONUS 'Thing'***

Why Chinese people call Katy Perry 'Fruit Sister' and Mariah Carey 'Cow Sister'. It has something to do with 'Cow's Vagina' which surprisingly is a popular Chinese slang phrase (CNN)

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