To scoop or not to scoop, that is the question. Here comes the best possible answer to that dirty question.

Poop Scooping Relief for Rockford Area Dog Owners

Don't feel like scooping all that dog poop up before you mow or host that big backyard party, now you don't have to. A trend that's gotten very popular on the west coast has made its way to us here in Illinois. Allow me to introduce you to Rovers Leftovers. According to, Rovers Leftovers is a brand new business that, for a fee, will come to your house and do the dirty work. Are your kids to young, are your parents too old to do all that bending over, are you too busy to get to it, for whatever reason you can't get the poop scooped, Rovers Leftovers will handle it for you.

To get the full scoop on getting your yard cleaned up, click here for their website, or check them out on Facebook.

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