Sure flowers and chocolate are a classic Valentine's Day gift, but to be honest, that's a pretty predictable gift. So why not switch it up this year and get your significant other a gift that's a guarantee win? 2020 is the year you get the best V-day gift ever.

So what's something everyone loves? Cake. And that's the gift. But not just any cake ... Portillo's Chocolate cake. But not just any Portillo's Chocolate cake, a HEART-SHAPED cake! And if you're concerned about flowers, let this video convince you that cake is definitely a better idea -

Clearly it's tested and proven that someone would rather receive this cake instead of flowers for Valentine's Day. And the best part about giving this as a gift is that it's secretly a gift for you too. The person you give it to is most likely going to share, so it's a win all around.

They're available while supplies last, so order yours while you can. You can order your very own Portillo's heart-shaped Chocolate cake here.

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