Over 800,000 lives end in suicide yearly. One man's attempt turned into a crusade to help others in this incredible film. You only have one chance to see it.

Kevin Hines, at the age of 19, jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Since that moment Kevin has tirelessly made it his mission to help others #BeHereTomorrow. Suicide: The Ripple Effect, has a scheduled screening at Rockford's Showplace 16 on Wednesday, August 1 at 7:30 p.m.. Tickets are only $12 and must be purchased in advance. Get tickets and more info here.

There will be a Q & A and discussion after the film that is also a fundraiser for non-profit Shatter Our Silence Rockford.

Powerful Must-See New Film About Suicide Plays Rockford For One Night Only

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