Did anyone have the time of their life watching this?


Nope. Apparently not.

Last night, ABC decided to remake 'Dirty Dancing.' The smartest thing they did was air the movie the night after the huge 'Dancing with the Stars,' finale.

But, the list of smart things pretty much ends there.

Let me first say that I have never actually seen the original movie. I thought I'd seen it, until last night when I realized I had no idea what the movie was about... aside from the big dance scene with the lift at the end.

I blamed my brothers already this week for the fact that I never had a Big Mac, and I'll blame them for this, too. 'Top Gun' and 'Indiana Jones' were on repeat in my house, no 'Dirty Dancing.'

You know, I have a sister, I need to ask her why I never saw it.

So, I started watching it.

While I couldn't compare the movie to the original, I could still see that this remake wasn't going to make anyone happy.

My biggest gripe? The chemistry between Baby and Johnny. There just wasn't any.


Like none. Zero. Nada. I almost felt embarrassed watching because I felt bad for Abigail Breslin. She's a fine actress, but this wasn't the part for her.

I thought the best part was Sarah Hyland as Baby's sister, Lisa, and I thought Debra Messing was pretty good, too, though after reading about the differences in the original and the remake, it looks like those characters didn't have a very big role in the actual movie.

I hate to break it to you, ABC, but no one wants to see a remake of anything they love.

Sure, a performance of your favorite movie or musical works if you stick to the story, but changing things about a movie with such a huge fan base from thirty years ago, just isn't a good idea.

But... when it was over, I still wanted to dance around my living room singing, so I guess there's that.

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