Everyone's talking about the Dirty Dancing remake and how awful it was. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I wanted to see for myself.

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Dirty Dancing is one of my girlfriend's all time favorite movies so of course she watched it with me. For the record, it IS really bad. So bad that we laughed hysterically at how awful it was most of the way through it. These were some of our thoughts:

  1. Ummm... that's Baby!?!
  2. This is a sad, sick joke right?
  3. Baby's sister looks like she's 12.
  4. Why did they make Ted Danson look like Dumbo with a bad plastic surgery job?
  5. Hey that's the mom from Married with Children.  And Sons of Anarchy. And 8 Simple Rules.
  6. (bad english warning) Somebody needs to put Baby in a corner stat because she AIN'T NO GOOD!
  7. Baby has this ridiculous horny virgin school girl look on her face most of the movie.
  8. Baby needs a dentist stat.
  9. Thank God pointy bras went out of style.
  10. The original Baby didn't wear spanx.
  11. Baby's green dress makes her look like a Disney princess not a hot dancer.
  12. In the first movie we all wanted to be Baby. And in this movie we just want her to go away. Like real far away.
  13. The only good call they made in this remake was to not have Baby crawl across the floor.
  14. Well at least Johnny looks good in the dark.
  15. They should have named this remake Nerdy Dancing.
  16. We're also banishing Baby's mom to the corner after her not so sweet solo.
  17. What's up with the twin size bed?
  18. Baby's dad is no good at singing either.  Keep your day job, buddy.
  19. Would any one have cared if the boat tipped over with Baby's parents on it. We sure wouldn't have missed them. (Sorry Debra Messing, we still love you as Grace).
  20. That ending though. Seriously? Thank God it's over at least. Bye Felicia.

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