If you've been spending a third of your paycheck on protein ice cream, get pumped for the new pints popping up at Aldi.

For the better part of the last twelve months or so I have been paying too much for protein ice cream.

Once you're introduced to the beauty of an entire pint of ice cream for less than 400 calories it is super hard to pass up the deliciousness that is Halo Top, the most popular of the protein packed pints.

There are many others that have jumped on the bandwagon, Breyers, SkinnyCow, Enlightened, but until now, all of those pints have still been pretty pricey.

Enter Aldi.

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Last week I was shopping at Aldi with my mom and noticed something new in the ice cream section, brown, white and sea foam green pints that I'd never seen before.

I got a closer look and bam! Protein ice cream! Over 20 grams of protein in each pint that will 'cost' you less than 300 calories.

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I was hopeful but refrained from celebrating until they rang up for $2.99.

Then the celebration began. PROTEIN ICE CREAM FOR LESS THAN $3!

I can actually afford that.

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Right now the Aldi protein pints come in just three flavors, chocolate, vanilla and mint chip, but I have a feeling as more people discover what seems like a complete steal, there could be more flavors.

By the way, the ice cream is pretty good. There aren't really any chunks like the other brands, but the actual ice cream itself doesn't have a weird aftertaste and is totally yummy.

Until then, I'll just be over here eating my $3 Aldi pints. Sorry Halo Top, I love you, but for $5 you can't be a part of my daily vegetables and ice cream dinners.

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