Last night, I did it. For the first time, I tried Halo Top ice cream.

For months, I've seen it all over my Facebook and Instagram pages. All of my fitness friends... Whitney Martin... post about their delicious protein filled Halo Top.

Delicious and 'good for you?' I dunno about this...

But, after work yesterday, I ran into this tiny grocery store by my apartment and boom, there it was, staring at me.

I caved. I bought the Halo Top, and these are the 24 thoughts I had while eating it. All of it.

  1. Hmm this is not ice cream
  2. But I'm still eating it
  3. It tastes so familiar
  4. I think it's the sugar alcohols
  5. Kidding. But no kidding, it does taste like fake sugar, like in a protein bar
  6. I had a tough time picking a flavor, but I think I like this better than I would've liked chocoalte
  7. It's kind of crumbly
  8. The cookie dough pieces could be a little bigger
  9. Ok, a lot bigger
  10. The container said to let it sit because it was gonna be extra hard to eat, but it's not
  11. I'm cold, I should change my clothes
  12. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that I won't finish this entire pint
  13. Ben & Jerry's cookie dough pint has 1,120 calories, this is only 360
  14. I did go to the gym for like a long time today
  15. What's in this?
  16. I think it should say, 'one chocolate chip,' not 'chocolate chips.'
  17. I have to wear a bridesmaid dress in 4 days, I should've probably saved this experiment for next week
  18. Side of the carton melted ice cream is my favorite!!!
  19. Alright, I'm officially sold
  20. Still tastes like frozen protein shake, which is pretty much what it is... but when I can eat the whole pint, I will do it
  21. I don't want it to be over
  22. But I am still cold
  23. I should've bought two
  24. Done.

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