James Maples, a member of our listener family is like a real life Hannah Montana. By that I mean to some people he's James but when he steps into drag he becomes Mila O'Day. From making music, to hosting drag shows, James does it all.

Drag has become increasingly popular these past few years and is becoming more and more mainstream. So why not bring it to Rockford? Well James did just that. As the show director and host of 'The Office Niteclub' in Rockford James hosts his own drag shows every month that feature a ton of great talent. Not only does he host, he starts in them and performs his own music!

Speaking of the music, James just released his new single 'I Miss U', check it out and then be sure to download it from your favorite music platform.

Here is the Instagram post with all the streaming options -

His next show is coming up this weekend.  Here are some more details -


There she is, the queen herself! We love seeing local talent killing it out there. You go Mila!

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