Searching for a product and never finding what you want gets frustrating. This Rockford native, turned Montana mountain man, created what he couldn't find.

Let me introduce you to a new way to care for the beard you've spent so much time growing, while simultaneously loving and caring for our environment. Rockford native, Brigham Weyrauch, who now calls Missoula, Montana home, created a beard oil he could never find in stores or online. What he wanted was an oil that was all-natural, eco-friendly, of the highest quality and easy on the wallet.

Sometimes, to get what you most want, you have to create it yourself. With an oil from Briggs Beard Company, your beard becomes an environmental game-changer, besides being great for your skin and hair.

For Briggs Beard Co. making a difference means continuing to reduce our environmental impact in any way we can throughout the whole consumer process. From our all-natural ingredients, our labels made from recycled material, the reusable and recyclable glass bottles, and finally, the compostable container we ship our products in we want to make sure everything we send you can either be put back in Mother Nature with no harm or can be recycled/reused in some way. To help offset the carbon emissions from the shipping process we plant one tree with every purchase.

The Briggs Beard Co. launch includes three different scents, OG Blend, Mountain Man, Lavender and there's also an unscented bottle.

Rockford Native Launches All-Natural Oil For Your Bearded Bliss
Briggs Beard Co

This wonderfully bearded entrepreneur didn't start this company on his own, he has a partner, who also happens to be a beard oil expert. Meet Cruz.

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