Just about two months into Illinois' quarantine, a Loves Park family came up with incredibly sweet way for grandma to safely hug her family.

In May, Carly Marinaro and her family created what they called a Hug Time Shield, that would allow the family's matriarch the opportunity to get unlimited hugs from everyone in the family.

The Marinaro's Hug Time Shield was made from just a few easy-to-find materials. A few pieces of PVC pipe, a window insulator kit, duct tape and some disposable livestock gloves.

We were all struggling to find ways to be close to our families while also trying to understand how to control the spread of COVID-19. It was Mother's Day, and this video hit us straight in the heart, as we were all really missing the people we love the most.

This video below went viral very fast and because of that popularity, it will be featured Friday night, July 31 on Cedric the Entertainer’s new CBS show The Greatest #AtHome Videos.

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