Tentative plans for a long-overdue update to Rockford's Davis Park are still in place but it could be at the cost of one of the most iconic buildings on the property.

In 2019, we shared insight from a Rockford business owner who claimed there was the possibility of Founders Landing (a.k.a. the Lorden Building) being torn down by the city. You can read the direct quote here, but shortly after the article was published we quickly received word that this was in fact false. Now, almost two years later, the conversation is back on the table, according to WREX.

Going back a few years there were talks of a potentially massive update to what was once the most visited spot at the On The Waterfront festival, Davis Park. The possibilities included a splash pad, riverfront seating, a skate park, a stunning beach, an open canopy stage, and much more. This project, funded through government grants and private donations, hadn't been spoken of in quite a while but it back in the spotlight. However, conversation rests at the possibility of new floating docks at Davis Park, but potentially at the cost of the Lorden building. Again, in response to this article, we were told it was not being demolished. It appears as though the idea is back on the table.

WREX shared the update, which includes some of the potential plans listed above, and includes a possible glimpse into the future.

None of those projects will likely kick off until the city decides whether it will keep or demolish the Lorden building.

Although one of the most recognizable buildings in Rockford's sky, making way for a new spot to hosts events and concerts isn't necessarily a bad idea. Should Founders Landing be demolished, it would be great to see some sort of art a remembrance of all the great concerts to grace the Miller Lite Great Lawn Stage.

One Of Rockford's Most Historic Homes Is Almost 180-Years-Old

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