Rain or shine, once the calendar reads May, the Stateline is ready for ice cream.

We have plenty of ice cream stands and shops that have been filling up the Rockford area for years, but when a newbie hits the 815, we still welcome the creamy goodness.

I didn't even know about this new ice cream shop until I saw this photo on the Rockford Eats Instagram account.

I mean... OMG what in the world is in that cone?!

The ice cream flavor is called, 'Gansito,' which is basically a Mexican Twinkie, but I also see loads of chocolate chunks and strawberries, which are in fact mouthwatering.

I think the drip on her nails actually makes this ice cream look more delicious.

Kimberly's is at 528 7th street in Rockford and while they don't have a website, they have a Facebook page. I would love a menu added to the FB page, I need to know more about these cones!

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