The parking zone ordinance is "ludicrous" says third ward Alderman Tom McNamara, and it's time for it to go.


I've lived here 21 years and still don't quite understand the parking zone ordinance in Rockford. So if you park in a one hour zone for an hour and then move to a new space but it's not in a new zone, your hour is still up, according to And to make it even more confusing, there isn't any signage to tell you what zone you are in.

"To think that you're going to get a ticket, and you say what did I get a ticket for?," says third ward Alderman Tom McNamara. "Well it was a zone violation. Ok, where is that marked? Oh yeah, we have no signage anywhere. So how do you ticket someone without any signage any knowledge of that infraction? It's ludicrous." - Tom McNamara

Business owners want the ordinance removed because it's so unclear that customers will wind up getting tickets when they visit downtown businesses. A few aldermen are worried it will benefit the employees more than the customers. I say who cares who benefits. Those employees are making a continuous contribution to our community, why shouldn't they be free from getting a ticket.

Rockford's code and regulations department approved elimination the ordinance, if the resolution is approved, the ordinance elimination will go into effect for one full year to see how it works out. It still needs full city council approval.