You won't believe what the front door security camera outside Rockford's Olympic Tavern captured. A fast-moving car jumps the curb and drives down the sidewalk.

Let's start right here.

Can you guess which Illinois city has the absolute worst drivers?

You might say it's where you live, but if you don't live in Rockford, here's what I know about you -

You're wrong

The Illinois City with the Worst Drivers

The worst drivers in the entire state of Illinois are in ROCKFORD. 

This is NOT a matter of opinion either, it's fact.

Here's some research that proves Rockford drivers are the worst drivers in Illinois.

Here's a photograph shared by a Rockford television station that proves Rockford drivers are the worst drivers in Illinois.


(*click the link above to see what's in the photo)

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AND NOW, here's a video shared by Rockford's Olympic Tavern on Main St. that proves Rockford drivers are the worst drivers in Illinois.

First, let me say this, It is really hard to believe that nobody was hurt in this video. It's a blessing that nobody was on that sidewalk or standing near the Olympic's front door.

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

In the video, you're going to see a vehicle heading south on Main St that has completely crossed over both lanes of northbound traffic. It then jumps the curb right outside the tavern's front door and continues down the sidewalk before driving back onto the road.

Here's what the Olympic Tavern shared on Twitter (I can't call it X).

Here's what the Tavern's owner shared on Facebook.

You MUST take the time to read the comments on both posts.

Someone suggested that it's possible this driver swerved to avoid an accident and put on an evasive driving display. I guess it IS possible, but I doubt that's what happened here.

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