A petition to postpone the major construction project planned for Spring Creek Road in Rockford this fall has bike enthusiasts very excited.


The petition to construct the Spring Creek Road multi-use pathway at change.org asks for a delay on the sewer construction project. The delay would give the Public Works Department time to finish an analysis of a proposed multi-use pathway.

If this pathway was to be built in conjunction with the new sewer lines, a path could connect from the River path to the west all the way to the Spring Brook path to the east.

By constructing the pathway now, in conjunction with the sewer project, both excavation and restoration costs can be saved since RRWRD will be doing that work already! This could be a potential savings of about $100,000. Furthermore, the community would now have full multi-use pathway connectivity between the River Path and Rock Cut Park. What a great asset for families that currently live in the community and our upcoming visitors to the new UW Sports Factory, says petition creator Todd Fagen.

Being an avid bicyclist, I think this multi-use path is a wonderful idea. Even walking that stretch would a great addition to that area of Rockford.


Sign this petition. Share it and tell your friends to sign it. Todd also ask for you to attend Rockford City Council Meetings each Monday to let them know you want this. Call the Rock River Water Reclamation District and/or attend the monthly RRWRD Board meeting on Monday June 27th at 5:15 PM and let them know you want them to delay the Spring Creek Road sewer improvements to make this pathway happen.