I shared the news yesterday about how poop-filled Illinois beaches are, and now there's this nugget.

Growing up in Chicago if there was one thing I learned, you stay out of the Chicago River.

It's gross, and there's a very good chance you'll catch something if you touch the water.

It's sad though really. Because the river running through Chicago is actually really cool to look at. Look, not touch, and certainly never dive or swim.

Too bad this guy who decided to strip down to his undies and dive into the Chicago River off the Dearborn Avenue Bridge last Friday didn't get the memo.

If you can remember the weather in Rockford last Friday, it was the same in Chicago, hot, humid and brutal. Basically, it was the perfect time to get into a big body of water and keep cool.

That's another memo missed by that bridge jumping Chicago River diver. He must've thought any body of water will do.

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