I love Starbucks, like ... a lot. So when I see they have a new drink I freak out. Especially when its a new HOLIDAY drink. When they dropped the new pumpkin cream cold brew I was there trying it immediately, and I will be doing that again for this new winter drink.

Welcome to the holiday menu - the Irish Cream Cold Brew. Another cold one! Which is perfect for people who love iced drinks year round. So what's it taste like / made of? USA Today details -

The Irish Cream Cold Brew is made with the coffee giant's cold brew coffee and Irish cream flavored syrup over ice, topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and dusted with cocoa powder. While traditional Irish cream includes Irish whiskey and cream, Starbucks’ new drink is non-alcoholic.


It looks SO good -

It's the perfect holiday pick me up that I WILL be trying (and loving). It's available starting Tuesday (Dec. 3) nationwide for a limited time.

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