A month ago Stateline photographer Loretta Holte reached out to us letting us know she was going to be participating in the internet's newest dating trend - blind date photography.

The concept is getting two singles who don't know each other signed up for a couple's photoshoot. They wouldn't meet or know anything until they got in front of the camera. So Loretta went on the hunt for singles and found two girls and two guys.

One of my favorite parts is she kept the whole thing local. It's a photoshoot, so of course you need a good location and some hair and make up! She shot the "date" at Prairie Street, got the guy's hair done beforehand at Belvidere Master Barbers, and the ladies got beautified by Glam by Ranya.

All that was left to do was have the photo shoot!

Here's the first date -

And here's the second -

If you look through all of the photos, I think you can tell which couple went on the second date. But regardless both shoots turned out amazing! It's such a fun concept and I'm so glad we got to see it done 815-style.

We got to chat with Loretta about how the photoshoot went and she was so ecstatic with the results. She even told us some exciting news that the whole project inspired more future ideas!

We can wait to see what else she tries.

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