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In part two of connecting the Chicago Bears to this years Super Bowl, we make that Kansas City Chiefs connection. While Tom Brady did have the Chicago Bears on his short list, doubtful that would have ever happened. Tom is smart, Bear brass is dumb. How dumb you ask, let's connect the Chicago Bears to the Kansas City Chiefs.

SBNATION The Chicago Bears PASSED on Patrick Mahomes to pick, Mitch Trubisky. The Chicago Bears had their sites set on Mitch, they fell in love with him in the NFL draft and did everything they could to secure him. They traded up in the draft to take Mitch with the #2 pick overall....Patrick Mahomes went at #10. The Bears could have picked the best young qb in the entire NFL, but instead went with a dud that will be on a different team next year, most likely backing someone up.

There has NEVER been a great quarterback for the Chicago Bears in my lifetime, never. Never. This was that moment where the Bears had one sitting in front of them and they didn't take him, they passed...and Patrick Mahomes let the Chicago Bears now they passed on him:

Mahomes is a quiet, "do the right things" type NFL player. This level of arrogance is 100% ok in my book. Light a team up and then count to 10 on your fingers to let them know what number you were taken in the draft. Good job, Bears.


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