One of the most incredible things about teachers is how they can check whatever they have going on in their lives at the door and completely commit to being a rock star teacher for their kids. It's such an admirable trait in teachers.

Our new Teacher of The Week makes sure that not matter what's going on at home, she makes remote learning the most fun it can be for her kids. Which benefits not only the kids, but the parents as well because they get to see their kid enjoying remote learning which can be tough.

Congratulations to Kerry Setter from Ralston Elementary School in Machesney Park! Kerry was nominated by parent Deanna Cantu and her nomination letter reads -

Mrs. Setter’s has been an amazing teacher to my daughter this school year. I was terrified to put my daughter in remote learning. I have an autoimmune disease and felt whatever the outcome it would be worth it for our safety and health. Needless to say Mrs. Setters has been wonderful. She is kind, caring, and has so much patience. She’s a great teacher! I had the opportunity to switch my daughter to in person, because the numbers haven’t been bad at all in her school. I kept her in remote learning because she has such a great teacher. Mrs. Setter’s does fun activities with the children as well to make things fun. For example they earned candy pieces and when they earned so many pieces they got to trade them in for a special activity for the day. They chose to build a fort at home with blankets or whatever they had available to do their remote learning in for the day. Another morning they had hot chocolate together from a Christmas package Mrs. Setter’s put together for each child. She definitely keeps the kids engaged and eager to work hard.

Such a testament to how incredible of a teacher Kerry is. After just speaking with her for a little bit we could tell just how passionate she is about teaching.

We got to surprise Kerry with a delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist. 

Congrats again Kerry, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do as a teacher and as a human.

You can nominate your favorite teacher HERE! 

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