Congratulations to our brand new teacher of the week, Mr. Ramirez from Maud E. Johnson Elementary School.

Mr. Ramirez won from Oriental Trading Company, Nothing Bundt Cakes and Broadway Florist. Dana Northcott sent in the winning nomination. She says this about Mr. Ramirez:

Mr. Ramirez is one of the best, most dedicated and caring teachers I've ever seen. Our daughter has ADHD and was struggling a lot before she started in Mr. Ramirez's class. When she started 3rd grade with Mr. Ramirez, she did a complete turnaround and not only started doing better, she became interested in learning and science and it was like she was a different student entirely. We were fortunate enough to have our daughter assigned to his class again in 4th grade as well and he continued to surpass all our expectations. I've never seen a teacher go out of his way so much to help a child succeed and work as a team with parents.

Mr. Ramirez deserves to be recognized for being an outstanding teacher and an all-around admirable person. Now that our daughter is in 5th grade, we still get communication from him about issues, progress, and even small housekeeping items to make sure she stays on track, not because he has to, but because he genuinely cares about our daughter. That is what makes him special... Teaching isn't just his job, it's his life. Mr. Ramirez has been a blessing and RPS 205 is lucky to have such a dedicated and gifted teacher. I hope they appreciate him as much as we do!

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