Teen's Dying Wish To Go To Prom is Glamorously Granted
EOTB Photography via Facebook

Harlem High School's Izzy Sotelo may not live long enough to go to her own prom. What she got was much better than any prom I've ever heard of.

Izzy Sotelo is in hospice care due to a failing liver, a side effect to her Polycystic Ovarian Cysts Syndrome, according to mystateline.com. Her MercyHealth Hospice family helped with her prom wish and made her graduation wish come true as well.

Prom night went down at the Rockton Inn, owners Brad & Kristi were thrilled to be to host and incredible night of music from Delta Disc Jockeys, dancing and more. Izzy wasn't the only queen in the house for prom night. While Izzy's prom night had all the traditional features, with one added bonus... a drag show.

'Heaven On Earth' was the theme for prom, and these photos from EOTB Photography perfectly capture Izzy's dream.


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