If you want to know if someone is truly from Rockford, Illinois, ask them any of these 12 questions. If they can't answer most, they are not from the good 'ol Forest City.

Those last two words in the above paragraph are a good place to start with the questions. Why is Rockford called the Forest City?

A Facebook group I love to look at every day, 'Growing Up in Rockford IL', and the other day a member asked a question that sent me into a 'comment-reading rabbit hole.

Here's the question the member asked:

If you wanted to test a person to see if they're really from Rockford what would you ask them?

I'm not a Rockford native but I have lived here for 30 years and I found that I knew about many of the things, events, and places people were commenting on.

Below are some of my favorite 'questions' people suggested be added to the "Rockford Test."

I also added a few of my own with the help of my Rockford-native wife.

By the way, I am not including the answers to these questions, so if you can't answer any, you'll need to find a Rockfordian who knows a little more than you.

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Thompson Digital Image[/caption]Are You Really from Rockford Test

1. What's an E-Rab?

2. What intersection is known as "Five Points"?

3. What did you get when you call 968-2311?

4. What would you be doing if you went to Rockford's Union Hall?

5. Who is Simon Peter Nelson?

6. If you followed Rockford's yellow brick road, where did it take you?

7. What is the Stockholm Inn and what is their specialty?

8. Who is likely on the other end of the phone when you dial 229-fifty-one-hundred?

9. What is the object in this photo below shared by Rockford Rocked, and why did so many high school students spend time there?

Rockford Rocked Facebook
Rockford Rocked Facebook

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10. Who is Ray Lee Stewart?

11. What is Mrs. Fisher famous for?

12. On Mother's Day, a real Rockfordian remembers that they didn't just go to brunch with mom, they also went to this event, back in the day.

If you got stumped and can't find someone to get you an answer, message me using our app which you can download below.

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