This weekend was the perfect weekend to gather up your family, friends and loved ones and head to any one of the Rockford area's apple orchards. The temperature was just right to spend a few hours riding ponies, zip lining, petting animals, bouncing, getting lost in a corn maze, and of course, at the end of the day, sitting down with an apple cider donut and apple cider slushy; while you do a little people watching.

There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing all the smiling faces and hearing the laughs and giggles of some of these people that you'll see at an apple orchard every fall.

1. Families

Parents Swinging Little Girl
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This is the most popular group of people you'll see at the apple orchard and they're so fun to watch. Dad's giving piggy backs, moms zip lining and laughing, little kids feeding animals and everyone rounding up at the end of the day for that treasured family photo.

2. Couples

Plus-sized couple kissing in an apple orchard
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The apple orchard is the best place to take your sweetie. Get lost in the corn maze together, stick your faces in those fun photo set ups and feed each other apple everything all day long.

3. Photographers

Family photo
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It's almost a guarantee that you'll see a photographer or two at the apple orchard; it's a great place to take senior, homecoming and family photos.

4. Tourists

Three friends taking a picture of themselves with a digital camera
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Many of our local apple orchards are just a short drive from Chicago; you'll meet so many interesting people from all over the world when they take a road trip to one of your favorite orchards to experience something we get to enjoy every fall.

5. The one person who goes just for the apple cider donuts.

Homemade Sugared Apple Cider Donuts
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That's me.

Who else do you like to observe at the apple orchard?

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