I just walked to the garbage twice and it didn't register? I'm sorry...what?

Here's your Michelle confession of the day, I am a certified Fitbit aholic, and while I made up this word, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who can call themselves this.

For the past almost four years, I've spent every day with a Fitbit One on my left hip. For some reason I think I wore it on the right for like a week before realizing that like a baby, it belongs on my left hip. It's been on that hip every day that I have not been a bridesmaid.

I even have some hilarious Fitbit stories that I can tell you in person some time.

Last week, my Fitbit broke. It won't register anything and I almost cried. Yep. I know I'm nuts but really my Fitbit motivates me to move more and eat healthfully. With the commute I have, working out is a pain but when I am using my Fitbit it's way easier to be motivated.

So when my Fitbit broke I died a little, and these are the seven things that happened and will happen to you when your step tracker breaks.

  1. You will still wear your Fitbit even though it doesn't work in hopes that it will work.
  2. You will immediately eat three donuts once you realize your steps aren't being counted because why be healthy if you can't count your steps?
  3. You take off your Fitbit and suddenly feel like you've lost two pounds in your left hip.
  4. You google "cheap Fitbit" and become depressed when you realize there are no cheap Fitbits, because otherwise they wouldn't flawlessly count steps and report back to your MyFitnessPal app.
  5. You charge your broken Fitbit for two full days because you're sure you can make it work, it has to work, it's your Fitbit.
  6. You come to terms with the fact that you either need to find some other way to keep yourself away from the entire bag of candy in your desk drawer or give in and buy another Fitbit.
  7. You give in and order a new Fitbit then spend the whole rest of the day clicking on the tracking number to see when it will arrive.

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