Think you need to lose 30 pounds to look more attractive? Turns out, you don't have to drop quite so much for other people to think you're hotter.

We're ending January and chances are a bunch of you have attempted to lose some weight after a lofty New Year's resolution, and some of us... me included... look exactly the same as we did on December 31. Whoops.

So now we're trying to get back on that weight loss wheel, and because of that I will share this information I found according to Metro.

If you're a woman, people will start to notice that you've lost weight once you lose 8-9 pounds, and people will start finding you more attractive once 14 pounds.

For dudes, you have to lose 18 pounds in order for people to start noticing.

That's do-able, right?

I'm ready February! Or March...

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