I've been in Rockford for nearly twenty years. I've seen restaurants open, close, and everything in between.

However, every restaurant that is on my list has been there since the day I came to town.

I've said it for years, and I will continue, Rockford has some of the most underrated food in the country.

That's why my list, while relatively short, isn't the same style of food from different places.

If I drove through, carried out or sat down, and I spent the time to tabulate them all up, these five Rockford restaurants would qualify as the ones I have eaten at the most.

Lino's - You know I'm a huge pizza guy, but for me, Lino's is more than just the pizza. The atmosphere, the staff and everything else make it a must for me and the fam when we want Italian. My go-to meal? Eggplant Parmesan. If you haven't had, make plans. For me, it's a "try before you die" menu item.

Mary's Market - Only in the past handful of years have I frequented Mary's Market. Salads are awesome, cookies and all of the baked goods are, ahem, the goods. My go-to meal? Veggie Stack. Light, delicious and meatless.

JMK Nippon - Probably my favorite place to hit up for a big group gathering. The Hibachi chefs are incredible, the drinks are stiff and the karaoke is a blast. The sushi is also vastly underrated. My go-to meal? Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp Dinner for Two (I share).

Uncle Nick's - My favorite food to eat late at night. For a while there, I was driving through almost daily to grab dinner. My go-to meal? Gyros, Large Fries, and a Pizza Puff.

Beef-A-Roo - You're not a true Rockford guy or girl without knowing the Beef-A-Roo menu inside and out. That's why I got well acquainted with it when my family moved to Rockford's west side. I was mere minutes from their location on Auburn and I hit it up frequently. My go-to meal? Buffalo Chicken Wrap and Onion Rings.

What Rockford restaurants have you eaten at the most? Let us know.

Sweet Lenny is the brand manager of 97ZOK and Operations Manager for Townsquare Media Rockford. Catch him afternoons 3 to 7 on 97ZOK. Follow him on TwitterInstagram and like his page on Facebook.

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