So in 2019 the trendiest food was everything vegan. We learned just how many foods can still be tasty when they're made to be vegan. 2020's top food trend - complete opposite.

Remember when the only thing that mattered in the world was getting your hands on a Popeye's Chicken Sandwich? People were waiting HOURS in line just to try one. And this lasted for a long time. It wasn't a quick phase, we were OBSESSED.

So here's how that hilariously influenced our top 2020 food trends. Here's the top 10 2020 food trends (Spoiler alert ... it's not that exciting) -

10. Taro Milk Tea

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9. Potato Tacos 

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8. Beef Burritos 

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7. Chimichangas

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6. Cinnamon Rolls

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5. Chili


4. Iced Lattes


3. Vanilla Shakes

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2. Plant based burgers

Michael Thomas

And finally ....

1. Spicy Chicken Sandwiches 

Popeyes via Twitter

So I guess the question of whether or not to order a regular or spicy chicken sandwich has been answered.

The Daily Meal also broke down top trends by season and meals. Chicken sandwiches were also the top Winter trend and a big Spring trend.

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