'The Kitchen Table is a small neighborhood restaurant in Rochelle, Illinois but they're getting lots of attention for their 'Pay What Can' way of doing business.

The restaurants founder and executive director, Carolyn Brown offers her customers a delicious meal for whatever they can afford to pay. In many cases, the customer might only be able to pay with a donation of time and service, and that could mean washing dishes.

Carolyn comes from a large family and enjoyed being a part of cooking for all of them. This business is truly a labor of love for Carolyn, as you'll see in the video below from mystateline.com.

Again, The Kitchen Table, at 7034 S Klondike Rd. in Rochelle, offers 'pay what you can' meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays and   a brunch the first Sunday of every month. For a schedule of events and more info, visit restaurant's Facebook page.

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